Once Upon a Time

by Timesailor

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A different approach to Progressive music with two singers and a 27 minute epic Progressive Rock Opera.

In this album you will find the original concept work of Timesailor. The 27 minute progressive rock opera called "Dreamwalker" will take you away to a world of dreams and time travelling.

Other than "Dreamwalker" there are other progressive rock songs based on time and men.

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Band members:

Bahadır Arslan - Drums
Bulutay Güneş - Lead Vocals
Burak Kahraman - Guitars
Damla Özdemir - Lead Vocals
Yasemin Türkyılmaz - Keyboard


released November 18, 2011

Music by Burak Kahraman
Dreamwalker Concept and Lyrics by Bulutay Güneş
Mixing and Mastering by Güney Özsan
Album artwork by Bulutay Güneş



all rights reserved


Timesailor Ankara, Turkey

Timesailor is a progressive rock/metal band from Ankara, Turkey. The biggest difference of "Timesailor" from other progressive bands is having both a male and a female singer in the group. The band's new album ''Once Upon a Time'' album includes the concept work of Timesailor named ''Dreamwalker'', a 27 minute Progressive Rock Opera and other progressive rock songs. ... more

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Track Name: Dreamwalker - Part 1 - The Experiment - Nightmares of The Past
I’ve created all living things equal
Without a second chance to live the same moment, or see the moment they’ll live
Only I can change the timeline, alter their lives
But what if some of them had that power?
Let’s see if they can handle a gift like that
Let the experiment begin…

Another troubling night, dreams full of agony
Feels like the mistakes of my past are haunting me
My dreams are disturbed with sadness and pain

Goddess: Remember your mistakes, live your past

Dreamwalker / Goddess:
I can’t (You can) change what I’ve done before
Why do I (Soon you will) have to face them?
I’ve made my (There is no) peace and closed that door
Never (It's time) to remember them
Track Name: Dreamwalker - Part 2 - The Gift
Strange things are happening
One by one
I’m seeing the faces in my dreams
Day by day
I’m living the scenes for the second time
Maybe this is a gift, a power to see the future.
But why those painful memories are haunting all my dreams
I see my future and my past
Can it be that I can alter them?

Understand the aim of your power

The chance to see the time ahead
Is this gift (This gift's not) all about that?
Unlock the past, redeem myself (yourself)
Let’s see if I (you) can do that
Track Name: Dreamwalker - Part III – Time to Rise
A love that grows every day, but never ages
A feeling so deep, it touches my soul
Beloved & Dreamwalker:
A bond so strong
Making me yours once and for all

I will always be your guide
Walking with you on your every path
Beloved & Dreamwalker:
I will always be your light
Shining on your every night

All is understood at last
With this power I can fix my past
By correcting all of my mistakes
I start each day
With a cleaned stain from my life
By fixing all the faults I’ve got
First with the mistakes I’ve done to her
Now it’s all set

To begin with redemption, it’s a good start
Confront the failures, make them right
First with the dearest, purify the faults I (you) got
Making my (your) future with her bright.

Also I can see the future, live the same moment twice
A time traveler, only with the limitation of dreams
Why do I have this power? Is there a price?

To question his gift, it’s a natural response
If you use it right, there’ll be no price
Enough with the reasons, now’s the time for me (you) to rise
In front of me (you), the timeline lies

How exciting I can shape my destiny
A perfect life for her and me
I own this power, only I have the key
To control my fate and become free
I don’t need anyone
I can do this on my own
Track Name: Dreamwalker - Part 4 - The Change in Him

All these years, side by side
He never hurt me, never lied
He always knew what I wanted
He loved, he protected, he cared for me

But lately he has changed
I can see it in his eyes
A hint of madness. Why?
Day by day, he’s losing his love
Track Name: Dreamwalker - Part 5 - Last Warning
Dreamwalker: Where am I? What kind of a dream is this?
Goddess: This is a dream you can’t control
Dreamwalker: Who are you? How can you haunt my dreams?
Goddess: I am the one who gave you your gift. Don't worry my gifted child, I am not haunting you. I am here to show you your mistakes

I have no mistakes
I have corrected them all
My past is clean
It’s time for perfect future

To create a life, by yourself
This is your biggest mistake
This gift is given to me
I don’t need anybody

Your selfishness will be your doom
It’ll be over for you very soon
This power will be your downfall
If you don’t realize your faults

Dreamwalker: My downfall, my doom, impossible. Nothing bad can come out from this power. Perfect future, mistake? I don’t think so.

What is the point of this gift?
If I don’t use it for myself
I don’t want anybody
I still have her with me

I thought he could handle his gift
With these thoughts his fall will be swift

I healed every single pain
That I have caused to her
I’ll always know her needs
She’ll always be with me…

His selfishness brought his end near
He has failed my experiment
Track Name: Dreamwalker - Part 7 - Broken Bonds
Please my love
Talk to me, open your heart
Lift the mist that surrounds your mind

Don’t worry my love
There is nothing wrong with me
My life is perfect, don’t you see?

There’s nothing (something) wrong with me (you),
I’m not (you are) different than before, I haven’t (you have) changed

You deceive yourself
Your life is not perfect
You have lost all your friends and your family

I don’t care about neither of them
If I have you by my side
I have the power to give us perfect future

Your pride has been cloaking your mind
You lost your love, you left your old self behind
Our bond is broken without our love
I have tried to fix it until now
I’m tired now; it’s time for us to part
Farewell my love, you will always be in my heart
Track Name: Dreamwalker - Part 8 - Redemption - The Tale of Dreamwalker
This dream was the worst one I’ve had
With her gone, I’m all alone and sad
Now I can see, why this is a mistake
My pride blinded me, I need to wake
It does not matter if my life is perfect
If there’s no one to share it, it’s all fake
The gift was never the power itself
But the happiness it brings
If I’ll help only myself
It will only bring loneliness upon me.

Goddess: At last he understood his duty
Dreamwalker: Use this power for everyone’s good
Goddess: The healing will begin in reality
Dreamwalker: Undo the mistakes I’ve made
Goddess: Starting with his most loved one
Dreamwalker: First I’ll save my love
Goddess: Then all the others he caused pain
My new (his) life starts right now

Dreamwalker: Without breaking the bonds I had
I didn’t realize my acts are wrong
Goddess: (He could not handle the power alone)

Goddess: The fear of losing his most beloved
Opened the fog that closed his mind
Dreamwalker: (To earn this power, great love is needed)

Goddess: The experiment is not failed nor succeeded
I still have answers I need to find…
Dreamwalker:I’ll redeem myself and use this gift
For everyone’s sake
(An unknown future ahead)

The tale of dreamwalker begins…
Track Name: Flow
Setting free my mind, disposing of everything inside my head
All my afflictions, all my exultations.

Just look at horizon destroying the crimson sun once again
They are taking one more day from my life.

Why tell me why
Are you taking away my moments from me
Just tell me is this a revenge
But what have I done to you?

You know life's a game that everyone has to play, no other choice
You can't command to time, so stop complaining and just play the game.

Why tell me why
Are you taking away my moments from me
Just tell me is this a revenge
But what have I done to you

Time is killing you so softly but you never feel it.
Beguiled by tomorrows, it has been a nightmare for you all the time.
And the time never forgives you.

Stop questioning the time, you must play by its rules.
No! This is not a game to play; I just have one life to live

This is the rule of nature since from the dawn of life
The flow of time is flawless, no change can be applied
Life seems so short for humans; they think it’s not enough
What they don’t understand is, balance of time and life

Why tell me why
Are you taking away my moments from me
Just tell me is this a revenge
But what have I done to you

Why tell me why
Are you taking away my moments from me
Just tell me is this a revenge
But what have I done to you
(The only thing you need to do is thinking how to live your life
You can’t control the flow of life; you’re not a sailor of time)
Track Name: The Voice Within
Is this a trick my mind plays?
This darkness in my head,
I don't understand.

Trapped, between these black walls
No such a beam of light
At this cold and painful night

A chance, I've been waiting for a chance
To save me, to take me away
To let me out of this hell

A voice, a strange voice I hear
But I'm all alone in my shell
So it's just in my head
It must be in my head
Just in my head

The deepest voice you used to hear sometimes,
Just try to understand its call
Maybe it's the key to the cell of your soul
Maybe that leads to your dreams.

Hope, this voice it gives me hope
To escape, to free my mind
From this void that makes me blind.

It's time, it's time for me to wake
To return to my old self.
The roads that I've made
Are just in my head.
Just in my head.

The deepest voice you used to hear sometimes,
Just try to understand its call
Maybe it's the key to the cell of your soul
Maybe that leads to your dreams

You have to reach out and reclaim your life,
Embrace all...

The deepest voice you used to hear sometimes,
Just try to understand its call
Maybe it's the key to the cell of your soul
Maybe that leads to your dreams.